New Wood Biomass Energy Grant for SE Michigan
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is offering a $62,600 grant to one institution to fund the retrofit or replacement of an existing boiler to accommodate wood fuel. Boiler systems in the range of 500,000 to 4 million BTU/hour are targeted for this RFP. Funding preference will be given to facilities with high public demonstration potential. All project proposals must be submitted to the SE Michigan RC&D by July 26, 2010 to be considered. [Learn more] (6/29/10)

New Wood Energy Assessment Program Available
The USDA Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) is interested in helping to assess the potential for the use of renewable wood energy at area facilities. WERC wood energy specialists will evaluate a facility’s energy use and provide the site managers with a specific wood energy feasibility analysis. These analyses are provided for public facilities and privately operated commercial and industrial facilities. [Learn more] (6/3/10)

$50K Demonstration Grant Available for Community Wood Use Program
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is currently accepting proposals from communities or organizations interested in serving as a pilot facility for a large-scale urban wood use demonstration and training program. A single $50,000 grant is available. Deadline for proposals is June 21, 2010. [Learn more] (5/17/10)

See the Webinar: Utilization of Ash in the Wake of EAB
EAB University is a free series of webinars to bring you the latest information on EAB at your own computer. The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council presented information on the Utilization of Ash in the Wake of EAB on February 4, 2010. The full webinar can be viewed on the EAB University website. [View webinar | See more from EABU] (2/12/10)

ReArt Gallery Seeks Urban Wood Artists
The Re-Art Gallery is a new gallery space that offers a unique opportunity for local artists to display their work for the over 6,000 monthly visitors to Recycle Ann Arbor's ReUse Center. The gallery has just announced that its October 2009 exhibits will feature Urban Wood Finished Works, showcasing fine art and woodcraft made from reclaimed local urban hardwoods. The show will run from October 4 - 31, 2009. Exhibitor applications must be submitted by September 26, 2009 to be considered for inclusion in the show. [Learn more] (9/16/09)

More Wood Use News -- See the July Newsletter
[Learn more] (7/30/09)

Council Awarded New Federal Grants for Wood Use
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council was recently awarded two grants from the USDA Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center. The first grant, for $98,100, will allow the Council to create a large-scale wood use demonstration and training center within a local community that will foster job growth, promote better stewardship of public trees, and lower wood disposal costs. A second USFS grant, for $98,604, will fund a Midwestern partnership to create better marketing opportunities for urban wood products. [Learn more about the demonstration grant | Learn more about the marketing grant] (7/28/09)

Council Seeking Administrative Contractor
The Southeast Michigan Resource Conservation and Development Council is seeking a short-term, part-time contractor to perform a variety of administrative and project management functions for the Marketing Urban Wood through Certification and Branding Project. Competitive candidates must have strong administrative experience, with excellent writing, organizational, and communications skills. Familiarity with forestry/wood products, green building/architecture, marketing/branding, or arboriculture is also preferred. Application deadline is August 14, 2009. [Learn more] (7/26/09)

New Study Shows Wood Disposal Brings $40M to Michigan's Economy
Dr. Pascal Nzokou, an assistant professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Forestry, has just released Wood Waste Processing and Utilization in Southeastern Michigan, a report that details his intensive study of the 16-county region’s wood disposal yards. Funded through the Southeast Michigan RC&D’s wood utilization programs, the goal of this research was to understand how much wood waste is generated, how efficiently it is recovered, and which potential products show the most promise for turning recycled wood into economic gain. [Learn more] (7/10/09)

Library Ash Use is Focus of New Film
"Up From Ashes," a new documentary by KDN Films, shows the building of Ann Arbor's Traverwood Library. The film debuted on Detroit Public Television on June 11, 2009. Through a grant from the Southeast Michigan RC&D, the Traverwood Library used EAB-impacted ash trees to create flooring and other wood features in the new facility. [Learn more | See a preview] (6/18/09)

Grosse Pointe Park Takes Pride in Ash Use
The City of Grosse Pointe Park has shown great success in finding innovative uses for their dead ash trees. Their reclaimed wood is used for everything from flooring to stakes that support new tree plantings. [Learn more] (6/18/09)

New Deadline: Firewood Safety Technology Grant Available
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is now offering a $30K grant to develop plans for an effective and affordable firewood debarking system. This grant is made available with funding from the USDA Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center. [See the RFP] (4/21/09)

More Wood Use News -- See the April 2009 Newsletter
[Learn more] (4/21/09)

New Urban Wood Use Guide for Communities Available
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council has released a new planning worksheet to guide community arborists and managers through the steps of developing a wood use plan. The guide includes tips on evaluating wood needs, finding partners, and communicating with the public. [Learn more] (4/17/09)

Act Fast -- Another Biomass Energy Grant Available
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is currently offering $3,000 toward the preliminary engineering assessment for a wood energy project in a local facility. Applications should be received by May 1, 2009 for consideration. [See the RFP] (4/15/09)

Urbanwood Project Featured in Ann Arbor Business Review
The Urbanwood Project, a network committed to finding value in southeastern Michigan's dead and dying urban trees, was featured in the January 8-14, 2009 issue of the Ann Arbor Business Review. [Learn more] (2/10/09)

New Biomass Energy Grant Available
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is currently offering $9,000 toward preliminary engineering assessments for wood energy projects in local facilities. Applications should be received by December 1, 2008 for primary consideration. [See the RFP] (11/10/08)

See the Ash Use Presentation from EAB News You Can Use
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council presented information on utilizing ash trees at the recent EAB: News You Can Use Conference in Dayton, OH, September 24-25, 2008. [Learn more] (10/3/08)

Register Now for "Out of the Ashes: What We Know About EAB"
The “Out of the Ashes – What We Know About EAB” workshop will be held Wednesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 25, at the Hope Hotel in Dayton, OH. EAB Program communicators from Michigan State University, The Ohio State University, and Purdue University are hosting this workshop to keep people who work with ash materials in the region up-to-date on management of the insect, current quarantine regulations, and utilization of ash wood. [Learn more] (9/4/08)

Chicago Ash Exhibits Get Rave Reviews
The "Rising From Ashes" exhibit from the Chicago Furniture Design Association is showcasing over thirty pieces of original furniture made from ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer. [Learn more | And even more] (8/27/08)

View the August 2008 Ash Use Newsletter
The August 2008 issue of the "Ash Trees and More" Newsletter from the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is now available. You can sign up to have future issues delivered to your mailbox at our home page. [Learn more] (8/27/08)

Chicago Ash Furniture on Display
WLS-TV7 in Chicago took a closer look at the "Rising from the Ashes" furniture show and the opportunities for using ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer. [Learn more] (8/11/08)

"It Grows on Trees" Showcases Salvaged Wood Art
The "It Grows on Trees" wood art exhibit moved to the Huron Valley Council for the Arts in Highland, MI on August 1st. This show, now in its second year, highlights the work of Michigan artists who use primarily salvaged wood. [Learn more] (8/11/08)

New Urban Wood Mini-Grants Available
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is awarding $500 mini-grants to foster the growth of partnerships between municipalities and urban wood businesses. The funds will allow community managers to hire a local sawmill to process removed city trees into lumber or other products. [Learn more] (8/6/08)

Visit the New "Don't Move Firewood" Website
The Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases, a coalition of various governmental, for-profit, and non-profit organizations who share a deep concern about the effect of invasive pests on North American forests, has announced the launch of its new Web site to address the practical issues about the dangers of firewood. Be sure to check out the videos clips for a good laugh! [Learn more] (7/10/08)

"It Grows on Trees" Woodworking Show Opens in Manistee
The second annual "It Grows on Trees" woodworking exhibit opens at the River Street Gallery in Manistee, MI on June 25, 2008. The exhibit will move to Ypsilanti and Highland later this summer. The show began in 2007 when Dave Gendler, an area woodworker, was awarded a grant from the SE Michigan RC&D Council to showcase the work of the state's artists using salvaged and reclaimed wood. [Learn more] (6/27/08)

Visit the Michigan Energy Fair!
The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) is presenting the 3rd Annual Michigan Energy Fair June 27th – 29th, 2008, at the Manistee County Fairgrounds in Onekama, MI. This three-day event will unite people from throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes region to learn about energy issues and sustainable living. Don't miss the Southeast MI RC&D's workshop on Opportunities in Michigan Wood Energy! [Learn more] (6/27/08)

The Weather Channel's "Forecast Earth" Looks at Disappearing Baseball Bats
The Weather Channel's "Forecast Earth" talks about the emerald ash borer and its impact on forests and recreation. The story features interviews from both MSU's Dr. Deb McCullough and staff at Louisville Slugger [Learn more] (6/16/08)

See Wilmette, IL's "Bats, Not Ashes" from The Today Show
Wilmette (IL) Village President Chris Canning had ash trees from the city turned into "Wilmette Wonderboy" bats for the local little league teams. See more from The Today Show. [Learn more] (6/16/08)

Plenty Magazine Discusses Ash Wood Use
Alexa Schirtzinger discusses “Rising from Ashes,” the Chicago Furniture Designers Association's series of exhibitions that will feature furniture made of ash wood from trees killed by the emerald ash borer. [Learn more] (6/16/08)

Check Out a Book... And the Ash Wood at the New Ann Arbor Library
Through a grant from the Southeast Michigan RC&D, the Ann Arbor District Library's new Traverwood Branch will feature reclaimed ash flooring, beams, and other decorative features. The new library opens on June 30, 2008. [Learn more | See photos] (6/11/08)

Making Use of "Wasted" Wood
The National Association of Conservation Districts' Forestry Notes highlighted several of the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council's wood utilization projects in their March 2008 issue. [Learn more] (6/4/08)

Ash Bats Tough to Beat: Use of Maple Questioned in the Pros
The dangers of shattering maple bats have led some to believe that they should be banned in Major League Baseball. This may lead more players back to ash, a tough call with EAB looming. [Learn more] (6/2/08)

NPR Looks at EAB
National Public Radio's Day to Day looks at the nationwide impact of EAB, some creative uses for affected wood, and cutting-edge research. [Learn more] (5/21/08)

Chicago Area Youth Teams Use Ash Bats
Little league teams in Wilmette, IL are now using ash bats from their town's trees that were killed by the emerald ash borer. [Learn more] (5/1/08)

Emerald Ash Borer & Black Ash Basketry Conference Announced
Science and art will come together at a conference designed to provide the latest information on the emerald ash borer (EAB) and the steps that Native American black ash basket weavers are taking to preserve ash trees. The conference will take place May 16 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Plainwell Comfort Inn & Conference Center, 622 Allegan St., Plainwell. [Learn more] (4/8/08)

Akron Sells Dead Trees
The City of Akron (OH) has found a way to turn old wood into new trees. The city is selling the wood from trees removed from city property under a new program dubbed Forest to Furnishings. Robertson Enterprises bought nearly 90 logs for $4,700. Proceeds from the sale will be used to plant trees. [Learn more] (4/3/08)

USFS Offers Urban Wood Use Webcasts
The US Forest Service Wood Education Resource Center (WERC), Mid-Atlantic Center for Urban and Community Forestry (MACUCF), and Parks & People Foundation are working in partnership to host two webcasts related to utilizing urban wood. The events will be held on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 11:00 EST and Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 11:00 EST. [Learn more] (3/4/08)

Attend the "Green -- 2008 & Beyond" Wood Products Conference
Attend the 2008 Forest Products Society Great Lakes Section Spring Seminar to learn more about evolving strategies for architects, designers, builders, wood manufacturers, and consumers in addressing sustainability. This event is co-hosted by the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council. [Learn more] (2/29/08)

Read All About It -- See the New Ash Project Newsletter
[Learn more] (2/28/08)

Invasive Forest Pests Workshop
The Isabella Conservation District and partners are hosting an invasive forest pests workshop on March 11, 2008 at the Winding Brook Conference Center. This professional development opportunity will offer research updates, monitoring and management updates, wood utilization opportunities, community option plans, and more. [Learn more] (2/19/08)

Register Now! Wood Energy for Public Institutions Workshop
Oakland University's Energy Management Division is hosting a workshop to discuss wood chip boiler systems and community & small scale wind power. These two types of projects use well proven, available technology to provide cost savings projects that can provide your institution with the foundation for a sustainable energy supply. The workshop will be held Thursday, May 22, 2008 from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. [Learn more] (2/11/08)

RC&D to Speak at SmallWood 2008
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council will present information on "Creating Southeast Michigan’s Urban Wood Use Network" in the SmallWood 2008 Conference's Multi-Partnership Development Session. The Conference will be held May 13-15 in Madison, WI. [Learn more] (2/6/08)

EAB May Force New Pallet Standards
From Federal and local authorities have set quarantine restrictions on ash lumber and wood products coming from infested areas. Within the next couple of years, those restrictions may extend to all domestic wood packaging, especially pallets and dunnage. Currently, government officials are talking with private industry and scientific leaders about widening restrictions in an effort to stop the the spread of the EAB and other non-native pests. [Learn more] (2/5/08)

Chicago Offers Timber Harvesting & Chainsaw Safety Training
The Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization committee and associated sponsors are proud to offer an extensive two-day workshop on Urban Timber Harvesting for Hardwood Lumber Utilization and Recovery. The workshop will be held March 12 & 13, 2008 at Salt Creek Nursery in Western Springs, IL at a cost of $175 per person. Ken Lallemont will instruct the session. To register by phone contact April Toney at 877-617-8887. [Learn more] (2/5/08)

Don't Miss the Urban Wood Use Webcast - February 13, 2008
This month's Urban Natural Resources Institute Informational Webcast will focus on "Utilizing Urban Wood Resources." The webcast is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th at 11:00 AM. [Learn more] (2/5/08)

Why Using Urban Trees Matters
The new report, "Urban Tree Utilization and Why It Matters" from Dovetail Partners' Dr. Steve Bratkovich, discusses the availability of urban wood resources, the major constraints to using this wood, and examples of successful urban wood industries. [Learn more] (1/24/08) -- Visit SE Michigan's Reclaimed Wood Marketplace
This new website features local sawmills and retail options for purchasing reclaimed urban wood products. [Learn more] (1/18/08)

New Grant Opportunity -- Wood Boiler Funds Available
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council has $65K in grants available to assist wood boiler installation projects in public facilities. [Learn more] (1/18/08)

Inmates Build Cabins from Ashes
Prisoners at the Saginaw Correctional Facility in Tittabawassee Township are building nine two-bedroom cabins that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will place at state parks. The crew is using ash wood harvested from state parks to make the cabin interiors. Crews harvested the trees to stem the emerald ash borer infestation. [Learn more] (1/15/08)

Rising From Ashes: Chicago Calls for Artists
The Chicago Furniture Designers Association (CFDA) is organizing a show of furniture featuring ash wood. The Emerald Ash Borer is expected to kill all 130 million ash trees in Illinois and hundreds of millions more across the country. They want to show that the resulting ash lumber can be used to make inspiring and thoughtful furniture. The show will begin at The Morton Arboretum and run from August 22 through September 7 of 2008. The show will then move to other venues until the summer of 2009. [Learn more] (1/14/08)

It Grows on Trees II: Michigan Calls for Artists
Artists are now being invited to submit entries for "It Grows on Trees II," a woodworking competition & exhibition featuring the creative works of Michigan artists using ash trees and other locally salvaged timber. The 2008 Show will be held June 25-July 21 at Manistee's River Street Gallery, August 1-30 at Highland's Huron Valley Council for the Arts, and September 4-27 at Ypsilanti's Riverside Arts Center. [Learn more] (1/14/08)

Upcoming GLTE Meeting to Feature Three Urban Wood Talks
Dr. Dave MacFarlane, Anthony Weatherspoon, Dan LaMont, and Lee Kitzman will all be discussing using urban wood at the upcoming Great Lakes Trade Expo in Grand Rapids, January 7-9, 2008. [Learn more] (12/18/07)

New Federal Grants Available
Four new USDA requests for proposals have been released. See link below for details. [Learn more] (12/10/07)

Southgate Teams Up with Eradicated Ash/Urban Hardwood Project
The Southgate Department of Public Services is working with Todd Burtscher, an independent portable miller from Toledo, to mill ash logs removed from city properties. [Learn more] (12/7/07)

Woodshop News Reviews Ash Market
A recent article in the Woodshop News provides detail about the market value and woodworking value of ash wood. [Learn more] (12/7/07)

Black Ash Basketmakers Asked to Complete Survey
The invasion of the emerald ash borer is a big threat to the black ash resource, and basket makers are trying to deal with the possible loss of all black ash. Renee Dillard, a Native American black ash basket maker from Lake, Michigan, has put together a survey asking for input from other black ash basket makers about their practices in gathering and using black ash trees for basket making. Visit the "What's New for November" section of for more information. [Learn more] (12/6/07)

Cincinnati Schools May Use Ash
An architect is studying how to incorporate some of the wood from Cincinnati's thousands of ash trees into the Public School system's buildings. [Learn more] (12/6/07)

Monroe Boiler Study Moves Forward
The City of Monroe has approved a $20,000 grant from the Southeast MI RC&D to examine the feasibility of using the city's wood wastes to heat the Department of Public Service building. [Learn more] (12/5/07)

Wood Energy a Good Option for Oakland University
Through a grant from the Southeast MI RC&D, Oakland University has investigated the technical and economic merit of installing an urban waste wood fired boiler system. [Learn more] (12/5/07)

Illinois Hosts Urban Timber Harvesting Workshop
The lllinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization committee and associated sponsors are proud to offer an extensive two-day workshop on Urban Timber Harvesting for Hardwood Lumber Utilization and Recovery. This training will cover OSHA-approved directional tree felling techniques, chainsaw safety & maintenance, and hardwood value improvement. Training will be conducted by Ken Lallemont, a certified Game of Logging and Hardwood Value Improvement Program instructor. [Learn more] (11/15/07)

New Michigan Wood Energy Site Launched
The SE Michigan RC&D Council is proud to announce the launch of the Michigan Wood Energy website. This online resource includes results of an assessment of potential wood energy projects in statewide boiler systems, an interactive wood boiler conversion calculator, and other educational information. [Learn more] (10/24/07)

Gendler Builds from UM-Flint Trees
Artist David Gendler, organizer of the "It Grows on Trees" reclaimed wood art exhibit and SE MI RC&D Council grantee, is still making news with his creative use of removed city trees. [Learn more] (10/9/07)

Upcoming Urban Wood Utilization Forum in Baltimore
The Parks & People Foundation is hosting a forum on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at the University of Baltimore to share and discuss urban wood reutilization business ventures and opportunities. [Learn more] (9/20/07)

New Hardwood Training Programs Offered
Four training programs are being offered by the Purdue University Wood Research Laboratory in October. Dr. Dan Cassens will provide instruction on Hardwood Log, Lumber and Tree Grading; Marketing Hardwood Veneer Logs and Trees; Hardwood Lumber Grading and Manufacturing; and Walnut Lumber Grading and Manufacturing. [Learn more] (9/6/07)

Timber Rises from the Ashes
This AP article, by John Seewer, discusses the efforts to utilize EAB-impacted ash trees throughout the affected region. [Learn more] (9/4/07)

RC&D, DNR, & RAA to Receive FSMIP Grant
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council, together with the Michigan DNR and Recycle Ann Arbor, has been selected for a $47,410 grant from the USDA Federal and State Marketing Improvement Program. These funds will support efforts to market locally made urban wood products. [Learn more] (9/4/07)

New USFS Guide Released on Cost Effective Tree Removal
The USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area has release a new guide for communities on "Cost-Effective Tree Removal and Utilization Strategies to Address Invasive Species Attacks." This document describes strategies learned from the EAB outbreak in Michigan and other areas. [Learn more] (6/29/07)

EAB & Beyond Conference Presentations Now Online
Presentations for the "EAB & Beyond: Finding Value in Urban Trees" Conference are now available on our resources page. Be sure to check them out if you were not able to attend this event. [Learn more] (6/14/07)

Chicago Looks for Ash Wood Uses
Ash borers kill trees, but wood still has life -- Town officials get creative in uses for rescued lumber (Dave Wischnowsky, Chicago Tribune - Published May 27, 2007) [Learn more | See photos] (6/4/07)

Cincinnati Urged to Lead in Urban Wood Use
Sam Sherrill, associate professor of planning at the University of Cincinnati and the author of "Harvesting Urban Timber: A Complete Guide," urges Cincinnati to follow Michigan's lead in utilizing urban trees. [Learn More | And even more] (6/4/07)

New EAB Prep Plan Released
The Michigan DNR and Michigan Dept. of Agriculture have released an EAB Preparedness Plan to assist Michigan communities in preparing for and managing their local emerald ash borer impact. [Learn more] (4/26/07)

Register Now! EAB & Beyond: Finding Value in Urban Trees
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is hosting a conference to showcase opportunities for communities and industries in recycling urban forest residues. The event will be held May 23-24, 2007 at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor. [Learn more] (4/25/07)

Monroe Wood Use Workshop to be Held in April
The City of Monroe has been very successful in finding a variety of uses for their removed city trees. John Giarmo, the city's forester, is proud of the ways that his municipality has been able to reduce their wood disposal costs while also taking better advantage of a great resource in his own community. The city is hosting a workshop on April 27th at the city's DPS office to share these ideas with other communities. [Learn more] (4/3/07)

Don't Miss the Forest Products Society Wood Energy Meeting
The Forest Products Society Great Lakes Section is looking closely at the future of the forest products industry. Their 2007 Spring Seminar, Expanding the Bioeconomy: Thinking Outside the Barrel, will showcase the recent innovations in utilizing wood for alternative forms of energy. The event will be held May 15, 2007 at the DeVos Center in Grand Rapids. [Learn more] (4/3/07)

School Finds Energy Savings Using Wood
Townsend Schools in Montana are expected to use approximately 250 tons of wood pellets annually in their new heating system, saving around $19,000 per year in fuel costs. Over the 30-year life of the system, the district’s savings are expected to exceed $1 million, according to Townsend Schools Superintendent Brian Patrick. [Learn more] (4/3/07)

Ash Logs Harvested for Library Project
The Ann Arbor District Library, through a grant from the SE Michigan RC&D Council, is using local ash wood in the interior of its new library. The first logs for the project were harvested on March 7, 2007. [GLRC Coverage | M-live Coverage] (3/12/07)

New Wood Energy Grants Available
At this time, the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is allocating $54,000 in grants to local institutions to fund engineering assessments that will evaluate the potential for using locally generated wood wastes for biomass energy. The funds will allow building managers to hire a qualified contractor to review the feasibility of retrofitting or replacing an existing boiler to accommodate wood fuel. Individual projects are expected to follow a tight timeline (with completion of all engineering assessments by September 1, 2007) and to fit within a budget of no more than $25,000. Funding preference will be given to suitable schools or other public buildings and institutions within the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council area (Lenawee, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties). All project proposals must be submitted to the SE Michigan RC&D by April 16, 2007 to be considered. [View the RFP | Learn more at M-live] (3/12/07)

Ash Art Exhibit Draws Local Interest
Ann Arbor News writer Lisa Allmendinger's article "Ashes to ash-tree creations: Salvaged wood stars in show" (03/03/07) reviews the "It Grows on Trees" exhibit by Ypsilanti artist Dave Gendler and other Michigan artists. The gallery opening of this exhibit drew over 200 visitors. [Learn more | More in the Monroe news] (3/8/07)

MI Boiler Study Contractor Needed
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is seeking an outside contractor to conduct a study of Michigan’s boiler systems to identify statewide opportunities for using wood residues within nearby buildings for heating or other energy needs. [See the RFP] (3/1/07)

Don't Miss the Michigan Urban Wood Art Show!
"It Grows on Trees," a woodworking competition & exhibition featuring the creative works of Michigan artists using ash trees and other locally salvaged timber, will run from March 1 - April 7 at the Riverside Arts Center in Ypsilanti. A second, reduced-scale, showing will occur from April 17 - May 16 at the Huron Valley Council for the Arts in Highland. [Learn more] (2/21/07)

Register Now: Remodel Green Midwest Conference
Remodel Green Midwest™ is an event highlighting the opportunities for remodeling industry professionals, business owners, residents, and community officials to reinvest in our homes and workplaces to build a sustainable future. Use of urban reclaimed wood products will be a focus of one session. [Learn more | Register now] (1/30/07)

MN Group Shows Use of Local Wood
Michigan could learn from a recent effort in Aitkin, MN. Dovetail Partners, a non-profit group, is working with area mills to build a home entirely from local wood. These techniques could easily be applied in Michigan using ash and other dead urban trees. [Learn more] (1/29/07)

MSU Plans EAB Update Event
Michigan State University will host the “EAB News You Can Use” Workshop on March 14, 2007. Registration is $40. Who should attend: Extension agents, arborists, foresters, outreach and public educators, and others interested in up-to-date information on emerald ash borer. [Learn more] (1/25/07)

New USFS Grants Available
The Wood Education & Resource Center (WERC) once again has wood utilization grants available. The deadline for submitting an application is February 15, 2007. [Learn more] (1/19/07)

Chicago looks to find uses for ash
"Rethinking ash borer battle: Officials consider new ways to fight voracious insect" (Biemer, Chicago Tribune, 1/17/07) --Chicago hopes to find valuable uses for removed ash trees as a way to cover costs of EAB infestation. [Learn more] (1/19/07)

New Trainings! - Register Now
The RC&D Council is hosting two training programs beginning in December -- Kiln Drying & Lumber Grading and the Game of Logging (chainsaw safety and timber harvesting). [Kiln Drying | GOL] (11/17/06)

Louisville Slugger & EAB
From the Detroit Free Press -- QUESTION: I read in Tuesday's Free Press that about half the baseball bats in Major League Baseball come from ash trees. Is there any concern about the emerald ash borer's effect on the industry? [Learn More] (10/26/06)

Senator Durbin Supports Reuse of Ash Trees
By Jo Napolitano, Chicago Tribune -- U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin on Wednesday lent his support to efforts to make use of wood salvaged from trees infested with the destructive emerald ash borer. Speaking to a group of arborists and environmentalists in Tinley Park, Durbin (D-Ill.) said ash is an excellent hardwood, and he'd like to see it made into furniture and other materials, if possible. [Learn more] (10/19/06)

Issues of the Environment Broadcast
WEMU's David Fair reports: YPSILANTI, MI -- Millions of Ash trees in Michigan and other states have been destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer, leaving state and local officials with the immense task of containing the pest, as well as removing and replacing dead trees. Click on the audio icon to hear more about the problem and some solutions on this week's Issues of the Environment, featuring natural resources specialist Jessica Simons from the Southeast Michigan Resource Conservation and Development Council. [Listen here] (10/4/06)

Pallet Enterprise Magazine Reviews SmallWood Conference
Tim Cox & Matt Harrison of Pallet Enterprise Magazine review highlights of the May 2006 meeting in "Small Wood, Big Potential: Conference Explores Challenges, Opportunities of Small Diameter Timber Resources and Products." The article discusses many of the presentations at the event, including details on Michigan's Ash Utilization Options Project. [Learn more] (10/1/06)

Basketmakers Preserve Seeds
The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe has collected over 20,000 black ash seeds in an effort to preserve an important part of their cultural heritage - black ash basket making. [Learn more] (9/28/06)

Wood Art Show - Open Call for Artists
Dave Gendler, a local woodworker, is organizing a woodworking competition and exhibition through a grant from the Southeast Michigan RC&D. He is currently recruiting artists to create woodwork made from ash trees and other locally-salvaged timber. [Learn more | Entry form] (9/1/06)

HURRY! Sept. Training Opportunity
A last-minute tree felling, chainsaw safety, and tree climbing workshop has been scheduled for Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor on September 11 & 12, 2006. Thanks to an OSHA grant, most of the costs of this event have already been covered, the registration cost is only $20 per day (including lunch). This workshop features two nationally acclaimed instructors and will review the basic techniques, equipment, and safety strategies necessary for skilled tree felling and climbing. Space is extremely limited (30 people per day), so register now! [Learn more] (8/31/06)

A Backyard Trunk Could Be Your Living Room's Treasure
Ann Arbor native Katherine Salant describes the challenges and opportunities in urban wood use in this Washington Post article from July 15, 2006. [Learn more] (7/20/06)

RC&D to Present at ISA Conference
The RC&D will present "Finding Value in Urban Trees: Responding to the Emerald Ash Borer in Southeast Michigan" at the International Society of Arboriculture's Conference in Minneapolis, MN on August 1, 2006. [Learn more] (7/20/06)

Ashes to Ashes? Not always.
Wood from diseased trees is reused for flooring, fences, buildings. Ann Arbor News, By Tracy Davis; on [Learn more] (6/5/06)

Easing the Ash Borer's Financial Bite
From the Great Lakes Radio Consortium: Rebecca Williams reports on how some people are trying to ease the loss from the emerald ash borer by salvaging lumber from their dead trees. [Hear the story] (5/29/06)

Agriculture chief makes pitch to halt ash borer's spread
This article discusses the impact of the emerald ash borer on the basball bat industry. [Learn more] (5/26/06)

New MDA Grant Opportunity
The Michigan Department of Agriculture is offering a grant opportunity that will promote and enhance Michigan’s $61-billion agriculture industry. Proposals for the competitive grant program, “Agricultural Innovation Fund” (also known as the “Julian-Stille Value-Added Agricultural Development Fund”), will be accepted now through July 13, 2006. The Michigan Department of Agriculture will host several grant writing workshops across the state in May and June of 2006 to assist potential applicants in developing sound proposals. [Learn more] (5/24/06)

Chainsaw Carving Competition & Conservation Expo
The International Great Lakes Chainsaw Sculptors' Competition and Conservation Expo was held May 31 - June 4, 2006 at the Eaton County Fairgrounds in Charlotte, MI. Carvers from all across the country made spectacular works of art from "waste" logs donated by local tree service companies. [Learn more | Lansing State Journal coverage] (5/23/06)

Presentation at SmallWood Conference
Information on the Ash Utilization Options Project was presented at the Forest Products Society's SmallWood Conference in Richmond, VA on May 17, 2006. This conference addressed the need to "create solutions for using low-value and waste wood." [Learn more | View conference presentations] (5/9/06)

Ash borers finally have met their match
News on insecticide research and ash tree utilization from the Monroe County Community College Whitman Center's EAB Symposium. [Learn more] (4/29/06)

Little Green Men: The emerald ash borer is proving to be a serious threat to the U.S. supply of ash trees
This article, from Industrial Strength Woodworking Online's Wood & Wood Products journal, gives a great overview of uses for ash. [Learn more] (4/1/06)

Municipal Wood Recycling Meetings
The RC&D is hosting a series of meetings for municipalities, tree service companies, and wood industries to help them network more effectively and to find more efficient ways to recycle removed urban trees. Meetings in April are targeted to producers of wood residues (cities, tree care companies, etc.). Meetings in May will join wood residue producers with the wood industries that are interested in obtaining these raw materials. [Learn more] (3/31/06)

Protecting Black Ash Basketmaking
A conference, "Protecting Black Ash Basketmaking: The Threat of the Emerald Ash Borer on Native Cultural Resources" was held recently in Plainwell, MI. [Learn more] (3/17/06)

Ash Logs Infested With Pest Still Useable if Debarked
Ash logs infested with emerald ash borer (EAB) can still be useful if they’re properly debarked, say Michigan State University (MSU) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service researchers and wood utilization specialists. [Learn more] (3/2/06)

Ashes to What?...
Article discusses how groups are finding new uses for recycled ash trees. Ann Arbor News, by Marianne Rzepka. [View article] (3/1/06)

New Ash Utilization Grant Opportunity
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is offering several new grant opportunities to help businesses, communities, institutions, and organizations to find value in removed urban trees. This funding is particularly targeted to areas where the emerald ash borer has caused significant damage to urban forests. Please view the RFP for the complete program description and application requirements. The submission deadline is March 31. [Download RFP] (2/13/06)

Business Focuses On Reusing Ash Borer-Infected Trees
Local 4 News business editor Rod Meloni looks at the services provided by Last Chance Logs to Lumber. [Learn more] (1/10/06)

Entrepreneurs log the unwanted urban forest
Article reviews innovative approaches for using removed urban trees. By Aaron Clark, Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor. [Learn more] (12/21/05)

Game of Logging Training Scheduled
The Southeast Michigan RC&D Council is hosting two 4-day workshops "Soren Eriksson's Game of Logging": the first on November 7-8, December 6 & January 5; and the second on November 9-10, December 7 & January 6. The class will meet at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Registration is due by October 31. The Game of Logging is widely acknowledged as the premier timber harvesting training program in the country, offering hands-on training in a competitive environment. Top instructors across the country combine demonstration with participation to teach safety, productivity, conservation, and cutting techniques. Regional competitions are held annually by each training organization followed by a national competition for professional loggers as well as collegiate and landowner participants. [Download Brochure] (10/18/05)

New Guides to Ash Utilization
Michigan State University Extension releases two guides to backyard and woodlot ash utilization. The first is titled My Ash Tree is Dead… Now What Do I Do?, and the second, Emerald Ash Borer and Your Woodland: Why should you be concerned about the emerald ash borer? [My Ash | Woodland] (4/6/05)

Advancing Technologies to Better Utilize Eastern Hardwoods
The ash utilization work of the MSU Department of Forestry was featured in the recent research update of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. [Download Publication] (4/6/05)

Tri-State Conference in Indiana Planned on EAB
A Tri-State Emerald Ash Borer Workshop will be held at Indiana's Pokagon State Park on April 9, 2005. [View article | Download Flyer] (4/6/05)

EAB Seminar in Grosse Ile
Grosse Ile Nature and Land Conservancy is presenting an EAB educational seminar on April 7, 2005. [View article] (4/6/05)

EAB Symposium Scheduled in Monroe
EAB Symposium to be held at the Monroe County Community College on April 6, 2005. [View article] (4/6/05)

A new use for doomed trees
Article discusses how craftspeople are turning infected ash trees into artistic keepsakes. Their creations will be shown at the Emerald Ash Borer Information and Ash Wood Utilization Fair on Jan. 29. Ann Arbor News, by Marianne Rzepka; on [View article] (1/27/05)

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